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Welcome to Pocket Relay

Explore guides related to both server and client topics in the Pocket Relay guide.

What is Pocket Relay

Pocket Relay is a server designed to replicate official game server functionality, allowing you to enjoy Mass Effect 3 multiplayer independently of the official server. With Pocket Relay, you can create LAN games, play multiplayer offline, or even host your own public server.

When you set up your Pocket Relay server, you gain complete control over player inventories. This means you can experiment with equipment and characters you don't have on the official servers by unlocking and playing with them using Pocket Relay.

How it works

This project consists of two main components: the Client – a program to connect to Pocket Relay servers, and the Server – where all clients connect to play together.

For clients to join each other, they must be connected to the same Server.

Getting started

If you want to join a public server or have already created your own server using the server guide, follow the Joining a Server guide.

To create a server, check out the Creating a Server guide, which also provides information on server configuration.


Pocket Relay is only possible because of the following people who have contributed whether it be directly or indirectly

  • GamerClassN7: Provided a copy of the Origin version of Mass Effect 3 which allowed me to implement Origin support in Pocket Relay along with lots of help testing and finding bugs
  • Doc: Help with finding bugs, testing, provided real data to help implement Origin inviting
  • burningcherry: provided real data to help implement Origin inviting
  • Warranty Voider & Erik JS: Sourced the redirector certificate and binkw32 from their ME3PSE project
  • ploxxy: Provided source code that will be very helpful to development and parody with official servers (+fixing bugs)